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Create the business you want; do it the smart way!
I will guide and support you in improving your business strategy and processes, as well as in the development of communication skills and useful competences, utilising Lean and Six Sigma methodology and principles of business psychology.

Become effective in achieving what you want in life.

I will show you how to get it, through working on your blockages - limiting beliefs, unproductive habits, frustrating expectations, and creating an action plan based on small, smart steps.

"Everyone has their own Everest to climb.

My success was proof that anyone can contribute to whatever they decide to do." 

Wanda Rutkiewicz

What is your Everest? What are you fighting with?


A fulfilled and joyful life?

Meaningful relationships (also with yourself)?


Greater confidence?

A happy family?

A successful business or career?


Wealth and a good relationship with money?

Good health?

More time for what you really love doing?

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During coaching / mentoring sessions, I will help you discover what is holding you back in life.
You will learn how to shift it into a fulfilled, joyful life on your terms and in accordance with your values.

For individuals

Whether you need support for a specific issue or goal, wish to gain a new perspective on your life, or wish a systematic support to rebuild your habits, limiting beliefs, and work toward complex objectives to transform your life, coaching/mentoring can provide the help you need.

For businesses

Whether you need an action plan to improve your strategy, or if you are planning to open your own company and do not know where to start, or just looking to provide meaningful training for them, and/or work with a mentor yourself to finally find harmony between your family, work and hobby. 

PRISM Brain Mapping®

Understand your behaviour and behavioural preferences to be more responsive, adaptable and less frustrated. Build positive relationships. 

PRISM measures the intensity of 8 different types of behaviour and identifies 26 key factors related to human behaviour in a given situation.

Silk Fabric

Hi, I'm Ewa.

I am here to support you in your personal and professional growth, helping you to live your life to the fullest.

I am a certified Coach, Mindset & Improvement Mentor with over 17 years of international experience working with individuals and businesses across a range of sectors, including construction and engineering, IT, healthcare, aviation, and HR.

I am passionate about people, neuroscience, psychology of business, Lean methodology, skiing, and traveling.

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