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"Everyone has their own Everest to climb"

- Wanda Rutkiewicz

Now it's time to conquer your own Everest and live your life to the fullest.

You deserve to fill your life with joy, harmonious relationships (also with yourself) and meaningful work.

Have the success you crave, build a plan to change your dreams into reality; create and enjoy the life you want. 

I will help you design a structure, - a realistic plan divided into small steps to improve your life and achieve the growth and goals you have always wanted.

Together we build a synergy between your natural abilities and your goal without compromising your values. 

Coach is your expert support that keeps you accountable to stay on track, who focuses on your individual circumstances and gives you the space you need to make real change happen. Let's do this.

Your Everest Coaching

Let's talk. 

Book your free initial consultation,
- a discovery call
to see how I can help you.

Mountains in Clouds

If you are ready to change something in your life but you cannot do it on your own, coaching is for you.
Use professional support and watch how your life is changing for the better.

To support your change, use PRISM - the best in class online profiling tool based on neuroscience to identify your behaviour preferences.
This insight can help you to understand more about your true potential, as well as what may be hindering you from achieving even higher performance. 

PRISM reports and professional feedback can benefit any and every aspect of your life.

Prism Ewa Adams

Ewa Adams 

Your Everest Coaching

Ewa Adams
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