"A good coach will make people see who they can be,

rather than who they are."

My name is Ewa Adams and I am a proud founder of "Your Everest Coaching". I am a professional, certified coach, recruitment & business specialist with over 15 years of hands-on international experience (Europe, Asia, Africa) working across a range of sectors including construction & engineering, IT, healthcare, aviation, HR.  

Originally from Poland, I have spent some time in England and Scotland, and since 2005 I live and work in Ireland, supporting my clients worldwide.

I believe that there are always areas for improvement; it doesn't matter if it is our personal or professional life. We can learn and apply new skills to live our life to the fullest or implement smart solutions to benefit our business or our work place.

Most people can easily gain new skills and acquire knowledge through school's program, specialised training or courses. This is easy. Challenge is to apply gained knowledge and critical skills and use them to our benefits on a daily basis. This is the hard part as it requires action from us, responsibility for what we do, consistency, and what even more important - changing limited believes and habits. 

Over the past 15 years, it was my aim to gain as much as possible of practical, hands-on experience to help individuals and companies to improve their way of thinking, to re-design their business model and make their company a profitable venture with a friendly face. "Improvement" is my second name and therefore I am currently a MBA student, to serve my Clients even better.


I differentiate between knowledge and inner wisdom, and believe that right attitude is the most important element on the road to success - I learned it the hard way.

I am extremely curious about people and their inner potential, and I listen. I have no need to "be right" or to force my opinion, done is better than credit for it. And I advise when asked, and only then.

I am passionate about people in my life, skiing, kayaking, travelling. And discovering something new in a book I have read before, in a movie I have seen many times or place I have visited. It is like a small eureka moment, when you realise that it is the same "something" but for the first time you see it from a different angle, and their meaning changes completely. What a jolly moment!

The most fulfilling moment is when my Clients have those eureka "aha" moments during our coaching or consulting sessions. It is what my profession is all about - finding inspiration to discover your inner potential and ways to achieve your goals. It takes time, patience,

a good plan and action, action, action but it is worth to go through the process and find a better self on the other side.

Profit from my knowledge and experience.

Learn how to employ proven strategy tailored to your needs to improve your private and business life.

It is "Your Everest" because you have a goal - "Everest" to climb and conquer, and journey up the hill is your path finder for success through your doubts, limitations, moments of disbelief and questioning everything you know. In this process, as a coach/consultant/mentor, I become your companion. 

With my support, by using empowering questions in a space of acceptance and encouragement, you will discover your true values, creativity and inspiration to understand your needs. As a result you will take action towards your goals, to ignite your true potential and to find your purpose. 


Sir Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing were the first men to climb the Mount Everest. Their journey to Himalaya inspired me to create "Your Everest" and to look closer at human potential; unlimited potential that we are not always aware of. I am convinced that we are experts in our own fate and only we know what is best for us; with the right support we dare to reach for more and find our purpose in life.