Ewa Adams

I am a certified, professional coach and business improvement specialist. Proud founder of Your Everest Coaching, business partner of Shiny Solutions and Business Health Check.

I have over 15 years of hands-on experience in business psychology, business management, recruitment, and team building.

Coaching and Lean are my two passions and I combine them to find the best solution when working with my clients on their personal or professional goals. It is a holistic approach to look at all aspects of life or all areas of business. This way we can identify and eliminate unproductive habits and procedures, and re-design them into harmony in life, and efficient processes focused on constant improvement.

I have a degree in Professional Coaching and Management & Marketing. I am a certified PRISM brain mapping practitioner, and currently I am a student of MBA program to support my clients even better by applying in practice what I have learnt and tested.

Your Everest Coaching


It is "Your Everest" because you have a goal - "Everest" to climb and conquer and journey up the hill is your path finder for success through your doubts, limitations, moments of disbelief and questioning everything you know. In this process, as your coach I become your companion. 

With my professional support and by using the newest neuroscience discoveries, in the space of acceptance and encouragement, you will discover your true values, creativity and inspiration to understand your needs. As a result you will find your purpose and take action towards your goals. 


Sir Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing were the first men to climb the Mount Everest. Their journey to Himalaya inspired me to create "Your Everest Coaching" and to look closer at human potential; unlimited potential that we are rarely aware of. With the right support we dare to reach for more and find our purpose in life to live it to the fullest.

Profit from my knowledge and experience.
Learn how to employ proven strategy tailored to your needs to improve your private and business life.