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Running a business is a rollercoaster. There is a lot of hope when you launch a new product or service and hope that it will go well. There is also a lot of worry involved when your biggest payer postpone transfer or your top employee got sick. But most of all, there is passion and that keeps you afloat during difficult times. You need passion not only to keep you going when others give up but to unleash your creativity. I learned it the hard way.

When I moved over to Ireland, I came here with a plan, not to find a job below my qualifications but to open my own small business. By then I had some experience in recruitment and sales and that gave me a good basis for what I called Terra Nova - hiring company, being a bridge between Irish construction companies and craftsmen from Eastern Europe. Thanks to my parents, engineering and building environment was not an alien land, but other than this everything, and I mean it literally everything was new and challenging - a new country, new language, new tax system, new building system, different materials, different habits, and people who were kind of surprise to see a girl on a building site explaining workers about bricklaying and Doka formwork. But I am a tough cookie and it was my goal to learn as much as I can to improve my business model and also efficiency and processes of those workers.

Cutting my story short, since then, over the past 15 years I worked for few companies on high managerial level, helped to establish 8 businesses and had my own consultancy firm.


I know what you are dealing with.

I understand challenges in business world and your aim to grow and progress alongside your business. 

I am here for you whether you need an honest review of your business and action plan to improve your strategy, or if you are planning to open your own company and do not know where to start, or just looking to re-organise your team and your time to finally find harmony between your family, work and hobby. 

Initial consultation (video chat or phone call, up to 30 min.) - FREE

First & follow-up consultations (60-90min. session): €130/session (online-video chat) OR from €150/session (on-site depending on location)

Half day (4h) consultation: €416 (online-video chat) OR €480 (on-site)

Full day (8h) consultation: €840 (on-site only)



for Start-ups, Sole Traders & SMEs

  • Analysis and review of:

    • existing business model and strategy 

    • workflow, processes and procedures 

    • competency and efficiency of teams

    • leader's role

    • recruitment needs

    • customers' needs (critical to quality) and services offered

  • Constructive feedback with highlighted areas for improvement

  • Creation of "Action plan for improvement"

  • Implementation of "Action plan for improvement"

  • Accountability and review of implemented plan

  • Competency training and mentoring 

  • Quality & efficiency training - essence of Japanese management style 

  • Office systems automation in cooperation with


Initial consultation (video chat or phone call) - FREE

First & follow-up sessions (60-90min. session): €130/online session OR from €150/on-site session depending on location;

3 sessions package: €351 online OR from €405 on-site depending on location

Winter retreat - ask for dates and prices



  • Executive coaching for leaders and top management

  • Coaching for aspiring managers for leadership

  • Coaching for all level managers

  • Coaching for personnel aspiring for managerial roles

  • Coaching focused on change and challenge

  • Mentoring for managers focused on building their "dream team"

  • Coaching & mentoring focused on smart and productive prioritising 
  • White beauty - skiing & coaching - winter retreat in Italy or Austria 

Initial consultation with a person requesting coaching/training (video chat or phone call) - FREE

Group coaching and training  from €250/h - prices depend on group size, topic, duration and location (online or on-site); exact prices provided after the initial consultation



  • Group coaching & team building

  • Competency training for teams

    • strength and natural ability

    • assertiveness

    • effective & efficient communication

    • prioritising

  • Productive vs. busy - manage yourself in time - training

  • Change Management for teams - training

  • Sales Principles - training

  • Essence of Japanese management style - quality & efficiency training for teams