"Climb Your Everest" because we all have our private "Everest" to climb - goal to reach, result to deliver, life to live to the fullest.

This toolkit is for anyone WILLING to improve their life, both private and professional.


   ↗ If you have a goal but don't know where to start or how to implement changes, this "toolkit" is for you.

   ↗ If you feel  overwhelmed and need help with creating your goal to take your life to the next level, thanks to this "toolkit" you will learn how to do in the most efficient & balanced way.


"Climb Your Everest" was created based on my coaching experience, after listening to my clients and their needs.

As part of this kit, you will receive all the tools you need to grow and move forward with your life packed in to a beautiful metal box:

  * 30 mini-coaching lessons (to use one a day) with questions to work on and topics to empower & encourage you to leave your comfort zone,

  * 4 "life-saver" cards for the moments when you get stuck,

  * Notepad to change your habits (you have to write it, repeat it and implement it; thinking itself is not enough)

  * "My Everest card" - card for your goal to have it handy with you whenever you go,

  * Access to a video/ presentation on how to correctly create goals to make them more powerful,

  * 30 minutes closing video chat to summarise your self-coaching process.


Improve your life & reach your goal by using deeply empowering questions. Take action towards your goals.

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Please note that to get the best results you will have to follow all instructions and take time to plan action and implement it, thinking of it is not enough. Action is the key.


Climb Your Everest is a great tool to start your self-development journey and get you quickly back on track. It is worth to mention that the results will be significant, however it is not to replace a coaching session with a coach, it is to help you stay focused when you have no time for professional coaching, or if you would like to see what could be like to work based on empowering questions. 

Toolkit price €60 + delivery cost

Please allow up to 10 working days for delivery in Ireland. Free collections available in Dublin 7 and Mullingar Co. Westmeath.

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