- to discover your talents and get you closer to your dream job 

As an experienced Coach and recruiter with over 15 years of experience I know I can help you.

I will listen to you without forcing my ideas - it is your life and I respect that. I am not going to tell you what to do, or to convince you that you must earn 6 or 7 figures salary per annum. It is your choice. However if that's what you want, we will make a plan to get you there!

I will give you the space you need and encourage you to dig deep to discover what do YOU really want. With my support, by using empowering questions in the space of acceptance, you will discover your true values, natural abilities, and what are the areas for improvement. You will find inspiration to create a plan and take action towards your dream career.

We can also work on your (self)confidence, time & change management, CV preparation and social media profile review.

There is no better time & place than NOW. Take action if you want to improve your life - use my experience and knowledge to your advantage.

Business Meeting
  • Career Coaching for individuals looking to find purpose in their life and career that will empower them

  • Career Coaching for individuals looking to change their career, whether they have a precise goal or working on identifying their goal and needs

  • Career Coaching focused on identifying natural abilities, talents, as well as values and life mission

Career Coaching price list:

  • 15min-0.5h Initial consultation (Teams or Skype) - FREE 

  • 1.5h Regular Career Coaching session: €120 (Teams or Skype) OR from €150/on-site depending on location

Friendly Conversation
  • Career consultation:

    • review of your current career situation, where you are and where would you like to be

    • review of your CV 
    • review of your LinkedIn profile
    • map of your vision & values​
    • constructive feedback with highlighted areas for improvement

    • defining your goal

    • creation and implementation of your "Action plan"

    • accountability and review of implemented plan


Career Consultation price list:

  • Up to 30min Initial consultation (Teams or Skype) - FREE

  • 2h Regular Career Consultation: €160 (Teams or Skype) OR from €180/on-site depending on location

  • Competency training 

    • strengths and natural abilities/talents

    • assertiveness

    • effective & efficient communication

    • prioritising

  • Productive vs. busy - manage yourself in time - training

  • Change Management - training

  • Sales Principles - training

Training price list:

  • Initial consultation (Teams or Skype) - FREE

  • Live training online - duration depends on topic and engagement of the participant, more details after the initial call.

Career Consultation & Coaching package:

Online Package

FREE initial consultation plus 2 sessions, 1.5h each -  a mix of Career Coaching and Career Consultation (3h in total): €220 (Teams or Skype)

On-site Package

FREE initial consultation plus one 3-hour session on-site, a mix of Career Coaching and Career Consultation: from €240 depending on location