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These tools/approaches can be used separately or blend effectively when needed, acting as a sounding board to help clarify goals, explore different perspectives, and identify strengths and areas for improvement. At the same time, a practical advice and solutions can be offered, drawing on knowledge and experience of the client to provide actionable recommendations.

Have you been wondering how to improve your life on a personal and professional level? 

How to grow your business and engage with your team?

How to live your life to the fullest?

Do you yearn to discover your life purpose, but lack a concrete plan to turn your aspirations into reality?

Are you aware that your current lifestyle is unfulfilling, but uncertain about how to improve it?

If you feel stuck in your career or business, lacking motivation and inspiration to move forward, I can help. Whether you are searching for a new direction or need assistance in re-designing your business processes, I can guide you towards becoming the leader that you and your team deserve.



Whether you need one-time support with your problem or goal, would like to see what’s going on in your life from a different perspective, or you are looking for systematic support to rebuild your habits, beliefs, and work on complex goals to transform your life, I can help.

I believe that as individuals, we are experts in our own fate and have all the answers to our problems; however, I understand that we need help to look at the problem from a different angle by using external resources to find the answer.

And that is why I am here for, - to encourage, support, and challenge you to do things you know you should, but you are not doing (yes, we all do that).

To inspire you to identify your goal, to find your motivation, and get you from "a dream stage" to action by breaking down the agreed plan into manageable small steps to help you achieve your goal.

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Running a business is like a rollercoaster ride. There is a lot of hope when you launch a new product or service, hoping that it will be successful. There is also a great deal of worry involved when your biggest payer postpones a transfer or when your top employee falls ill. But most of all, there is passion, which keeps you afloat during difficult times. You need passion and determination not only to persevere when others give up but also to unleash your creativity. I learned this the hard way.

Over the past 17 years, I have worked for several companies in high managerial positions, helped establish eight businesses, and even had my own consultancy firm. None of these accomplishments happened overnight. Thanks to mentoring programs and mentors in my life, I was able to shift my mindset, change my attitude, and develop a set of new habits that made my life more enjoyable.

I understand the challenges you face in the business world and your desire to grow and progress alongside your business.

I am here to support you, whether you need an action plan to improve your strategy, guidance on starting your own company, or assistance in reorganising or coaching your team and managing your time to find harmony between your family, work, and hobbies.

For anyone seeking personal and professional growth, having a coach/mentor can be a game-changer. This relationships can provide a safe space for clients to ask questions, seek feedback, and gain a fresh perspective on their goals and aspirations. The mentor's expertise can accelerate the client's learning process, enabling them to make more informed decisions and avoid potential pitfalls. Moreover, mentors often offer encouragement and support, boosting the client's confidence and helping them realise their full potential.

"A good coach makes people see what they can be rather than who they are."


I highly recommend Ewa for everything that she was able to help me with. Ewa approached everything with me in a very non-judgemental and positive way that through gentle nudges, tips, and small everyday exercises I was able to train my own mind into a much more positive way of thinking.


Ewa kept me focussed on the end goal and encouraged me to consider other aspects of my business and how they impact each other. Thank you for not accepting procrastination as any excuse Ewa, you have made me realize that I have the power within myself to make the changes I needed to make.


As a coach and mentor, Ewa is exceptional and gives everything she has.
She is an unquestionable asset to any team.


Ewa was there for me and supported me in my professional and personal development. She has always encouraged me to speak my mind and be creative in my work. Her work ethic and interpersonal skills make her a great team leader.

Your Everest Coaching


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One off session or 1st session,
up to 1.5h, online*


Follow up sessions
up to 1.5hrs each, online*


Your Everest Coaching_edited.jpg

Gold Package
6 sessions to be used within 4 months: 

(each session up to 1.5h, online*)

Silver Package
3 sessions to be used within 2 months: 

Platinum Package
9 sessions to be used within 6 months: 

Please note:

1. Online session*

An online session refers to a video session on Zoom, Teams, or Skype. Video is necessary, not just audio, for the full benefit of the coaching/ mentoring process.

2. Face-to-face session

In some cases, a face-to-face session is possible depending on the date and location in Ireland.

An additional cost applies (depending on the location) and will be agreed upon at the time of booking.

To book your face-to-face session, the booking needs to be agreed upon, with a minimum notice of 2 full working days (Monday to Friday).

To book your face-to-face session, please contact us via email at Calendly can only be used for online sessions.

3. Payments

Payments must be completed a minimum of 24 hours prior to the session for online sessions or 48 hours prior to the session for face-to-face sessions.

All payments are to be made via SHOP. If you prefer to pay via bank transfer or PayPal, please email us for details.

Receipts and invoices will be provided.

4. Cancellation policy

Online sessions - Cancellation policy: 24 hours' notice required for a full refund. In case of cancellations made within 24 hours, a deduction of 50 Euro will apply.

Face-to-face sessions - Cancellation policy: 48 hours' notice required for a full refund. In case of cancellations made within 48 hours, a deduction of 50 Euro will apply.

Interested in Team | Group Coaching, Mentoring or Training?

Contact me via email or Messenger:


Messenger: link

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  • When you need clarity

  • When you need support

  • When you need motivation

  • When you are committed to your development plan

  • When you want to work on your goals and decide to take action

Happy People



  • Improvement of some aspects of personal or professional life

  • Difficulty in identifying goals and life purpose

  • Difficulty in identifying values, personal strengths, talents, and areas to grow 

  • Difficulty in identifying the business mission and creating a business vision

  • Lack of motivation 

  • Limiting beliefs and unproductive habits

  • Assertiveness and self-esteem

  • Management of change and challenge

  • Communication and collaboration with others (family, work, business)



  • A clear understanding of your needs

  • Well described and think through SMART goal

  • Plan of action divided into small steps to follow

  • Feedback with possible areas for improvement

  • Support during and between sessions from your coach| mentor

  • An environment of confidentiality, encouragement, and acceptance

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Coaching/Mentoring is a process, and requires integrity and action on agreed tasks and next steps to help you achieve the expected results and reach your goal. 

The initial consultation is a must, and it is free. It will give you an understanding of what it is like to be in a coaching/mentoring process, what to expect, and what kind of work would be expected from you to achieve your desired results. It will give us the opportunity to identify if we are a good match for one another.

The coaching/mentoring process is usually designed for a few sessions with 2 weeks breaks between each session to give you enough time to apply what you have discovered and learned and to give you the needed focus to re-build your habits and limiting beliefs.

In many cases, however, depending on clients, their goal and previous experience with coaching/mentoring or lack of it, the number of advised sessions might vary, and be as little as 1 or 3, in other cases, it might require a year commitment due to complex goals, or adding other elements to the process.

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