- to find harmony between all aspects of your life and live your life to the fullest.

I love my life; I am happy with who I am - it is a huge statement for me to make. It took me a good few years, a lot of money spent and effort to go through different mentoring programs to work on my self-esteem, assertiveness, as well as on my attitude. I am living proof that if you really want something and do whatever it takes, you can achieve it.


Only by discovering your "blind spots" you can move forward. A "blind spot" is something that you cannot see, cannot believe in, or are afraid to tell. With my support, by using empowering questions in a space of acceptance and encouragement, you will discover your "blind spots", as well as true values, creativity, and inspiration to understand your needs. As a result, you will take action towards your goals, to ignite your true potential and to find your purpose. 

Friends Party
  • Life Coaching for individuals

  • Life Coaching for couples

  • Coaching focused on change and challenge


Life Coaching price list:​

  • Initial consultation (Teams or Skype) - FREE

  • Regular session (up to 1.5h): €120 (Teams or Skype) 

  • Bundle of 3 sessions (up to 1.5h each): €320 (Teams or Skype)

Business Meeting at a Cafe
  • Discover your values - training

  • Vision board creation for abundant life - training

  • How to communicate to be understood by the opposite sex - training

  • Competency training 

    • strength and natural ability/talents

    • assertiveness

    • effective & efficient communication

    • prioritising

  • White beauty - one week of skiing and life coaching - winter retreat in Italy or Austria (depending on retreat dates)

Training price list:

  • Initial consultation (Teams or Skype) - FREE

  • Live online training - prices depend on topic - prices provided after the initial consultation

  • Winter retreat - please ask for dates and prices