Have you been wondering how to improve your life on a personal and professional level? 

How to grow your business and engage with your team? How to live your life to the fullest?

Reach out to see how I can help you. 



It is a form of development in which I support my clients in achieving a specific personal or professional goal by providing guidance and training.

I believe that as individuals, we are experts in our own fate and have all the answers to our problems; however I understand that we need help to look at the problem from a different angle by using external resources to find the answer.

And that is why I am here for - to encourage, support and challenge you to do things you know you should but you are not doing. To inspire you to identify your goal, to find your motivation and get you from "a dream stage" to action by breaking down the agreed plan into manageable steps to help you achieve your goal.

I ask encouraging, strong questions and listen. 

I have no need to "be right" or to force my opinion; done is better than credit for it. I am here to support and empower you in YOUR coaching process.  I am about what works for you in connection with your values, vision and strengths on your journey towards your goals.

Clients reach out to me to work on the following topics:

- to improve some aspects of personal or professional life

- lack of motivation 

- difficulty in identifying goals and life purpose

- limited beliefs and unproductive habits

- identifying business mission and creating business vision

- identifying values, personal strengths, talents and areas to grow 

- assertiveness and self-esteem

- managing change and challenge

- communication and collaboration with others (family, work, business)


Initial consultation is a must, and it is free. It will give you an understanding what is like to be in a coaching process, what to expect, and what kind of work would be expected from you to achieve your desired results. It will give us the opportunity to identify if we are a good match for one another, if there is commitment and respect.

Coaching is a process and requires integrity and action on agreed tasks and next steps to help you achieve the expected results and reach your goal. 

Coaching process is usually designed for 6 sessions spread through 3 months with 2 weeks breaks between each session to give you enough time to apply what you have learnt and to give you the needed focus to re-build your habits and limited beliefs.

In many cases however, depending on clients, their goal and previous experience with coaching or lack of it, number of advised sessions might vary, and be as little as 1 or 3, in other cases it might require a year commitment due to complex goals, or adding mentoring elements to the process.


Coaching one-on-one online (Teams or Skype):

* 1 session (60-90min) €120

* 3-month 6 sessions package €684

* 3-month 9 sessions package €972

* 6-month 9 sessions package €1,102

(incl. 9 coaching sessions & 4 accountability calls between sessions - 15min each)

* 6-month 12 sessions package €1,368

(incl. 12 coaching sessions & 4 accountability calls between sessions - 15min each)

* 12-month 12 sessions package €1,520

(incl. 12 coaching sessions & 8 accountability calls between sessions - 15min each)

* 12-month 18 sessions package €2,088

(incl. 12 coaching sessions & 8 accountability calls between sessions - 15min each)

Face to face/ on-site sessions available at additional charge.


I understand challenges in business world and your aim to grow and progress alongside your business. 
I am here for you whether you need an honest review of your business and action plan to improve your strategy, or if you are planning to open your own company and do not know where to start, or just looking to re-organise your team and your time to finally find harmony between your family, work, and hobby. 

Over the past 15 years I worked for few companies on high managerial level, helped to establish good few businesses and had my own consultancy firm. None of these happened over night. I know what you are dealing with.


I am driven by Lean Six Sigma and believe that its principles and tools can benefit any work environment. Therefore my business consulting process is designed around DMAIC (define, measure, analyse, improve, and control) and Kaizen (constant improvement by implementing small steps). 

What can you expect?

  • Analysis and review of:

    • existing business model and strategy 

    • workflow, processes and procedures 

    • competency and efficiency of teams

    • leader's role

    • recruitment needs

    • customers' needs (critical to quality) and services offered

  • Constructive feedback with highlighted areas for improvement

  • Creation of "Action plan for improvement" and its implementation

  • Accountability and review of implemented plan

  • Focus on "smart and productive" rather than on "hard and busy"

  • Competency training/ workshops and mentoring 

  • Quality & efficiency training - essence of Japanese management style 

  • If needed, office systems automation in cooperation with www.shinysolutions.ie 


Business Consulting

Prices per project; vary due to project size, complexity and duration. Exact prices provided after the FREE initial consultation.

However, if you require consultant "per hour" for particular stage of your project or process then the basic rates are from €80* to €120* per hour.

Other prices on request.

* Prices for online engagement; on-site visits available but the price may increase depending on location.


Group/ Team workshops from €250/h depending on topic and group size.

Exact prices provided after the FREE initial consultation.


Tailored consultation with coaching elements to help you discover your talents, unique skills and strengths, to identify your natural career path or create a goal around your dream career. It is a practical look at your resources before you apply for a new position or seek promotion at your current job. If you know, what kind of career are you looking for and you made your decision to start a new chapter in your life, it is time to work on your CV, review your social media profiles and get ready for an interview. I worked in recruitment for many years, I know exactly what future employers are looking for. With your career goal in mind, I will guide you to get prepared as best as you can to fulfil your plan. 

Career planning review

  • review of your current career situation

  • review of your CV 

  • review of your LinkedIn profile

  • map of your vision & values​; analysis of your talents and skills

  • constructive feedback with highlighted areas for improvement

  • defining your goal, purpose and career path

  • creation and implementation of your "Action plan"

  • accountability and review of implemented plan


Career Consultation one-on-one online (Teams or Skype):

* 1 session (60-90min) €120

* 3 sessions package €342

* 6 sessions package €684

* 9 sessions package €972

Face to face/ on-site sessions available at additional charge